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West Segment Regulatory Commission raising community safety awareness

The West Segment Regulatory Commission (WSRC) staff and Councilman Randy Phelan held a community safety awareness meet and greet Oct. 26 at the Water Chief Hall in Mandaree. A welcoming dinner and social event took place before WSRC associates gave their presentations.

“Our goal is to make sure our community is safe”, stated Ted Lone Fight III, Director of the WSRC.

The WSRC first introduced North Dakota Petroleum Council (NDPC) President Ron Ness. Ness gave the West Segment community hopes of starting a scholarship for Mandaree Public School seniors.

“This will be the first scholarship in North Dakota from us [NDPC].” Ness stated. He also spoke on the importance of compliance between the oil and gas industry and the people of Mandaree and how the regulatory commission is able to bring knowledge directly from NDPC to the West Segment community.

The mission of the West Segment Regulatory Commission is to nurture by protecting and safeguarding resources. To ensure protection of the community, WSRC conducts background checks and drug tests on their staff and also companies doing business within the exterior boundaries of West Segment.

WSRC has implemented a physical presence at all times and monitor criminal activity, human trafficking, drug trafficking, enforcing speed limits to community and oil traffic.

To ensure safety of land and water resources, WSRC monitors all chemicals brought into West Segment boundaries. All oil and gas companies must comply and register their workers and vehicles, and ensure oil and gas companies abide by safety and environmental standards. Every development, such as man camps, oil rig sites, and equipment safety, are monitored.

The WSRC also has an emergency evacuation in development to better safeguard the community. The WSRC staff works with North Dakota State and Tribal Law Enforcement, Mandaree Volunteer Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services.

The future development of a virtual weigh station is in its second phase. This virtual weigh station will provide vehicle records for traffic surveillance and data collection. This device will protect road structure from overloaded vehicles and monitor commercial traffic.

Along with the future development, Lone Fight also informed the community that a historic preservationist would be hired soon. The preservationist job will be to go to local sites and ensure that there isn’t any historical or cultural significance disturbed.

The continuing efforts made by the WSRC staff hope to keep the community safe and seek to create a reservation-wide movement. WSRC is planning to hold their awareness meet and greets every three months to keep the community up to date.



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