haze New Town, ND 36.3 F

Prairie fire forces evacuations in Four Bears Village


A prairie fire started on Saturday, April 9, west of the Four Bears Village. Due to high winds, evacuations were soon called as a precautionary measure. Highway 23 was also closed. Despite the fire’s proximity to the housing, the situation was soon contained and no citizens or emergency personnel were injured.

The fire blazed across more than 180 acres, primarily field and grassland, before being contained by the New Town and Three Affiliated Tribes Fire Departments. Law enforcement was also on hand to direct traffic and assist in the evacuation of Four Bears residents. Emergency Medical Services were also present and on standby.

Four Bears Councilman Frank Grady and segment staff provided emergency support, ensuring the safe evacuation of Four Bears residents. Councilman Grady coordinated emergency efforts.

“I want to thank everyone who helped out west of the Four Bears Village,” said Councilman Grady in a statement issued after the fire had been extinguished. Grady went on to thank members of the community who provided heavy machinery and water tankers used to contain the blaze.

The 4 Bears Casino offered a safe haven for evacuees, opening the Grand Ballroom for Four Bears residents. Bottled water was provided.

At approximately 7 p.m. the fire was contained. Evacuees were allowed to return to their residences and traffic on Highway 23 returned to normal.

The fire was caused by an oil pad flare. No significant property damage was reported.



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