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Parshall Shooting


By Cheryl Cedar Face

MHA Times

On Thursday, Nov. 6, a shooting took place just blocks from Parshall High School. Due to the incident’s proximity to the school, lockdowns were called across the reservation as a safety measure. Based on reports, a man was wounded during the shooting and was transported to Trinity Hospital in Minot. No condition report was released. The suspect appears to be at large.

The shooting occurred Thursday morning at Hilltop Trailer Court in Parshall, and Parshall High School went under lockdown just after 11 am. Despite rumors floating around social media, the shooting did not involve students. John Weidner, Parshall superintendent, said, “We are safe and sound, and have been safe and sound all morning.” Weidner said that the school went under lockdown only minutes after the shooting took place.

“Both principals responded appropriately. Both buildings went into immediate lockdown, doors were checked, shades were lowered, and we just followed our normal lockdown procedures. We have a phone message system that I used to contact parents, so that they know too. It helps bring them some satisfaction and comfort,” Weidner said. The school remained under lockdown for most of Thursday.

New Town schools also went under lockdown Thursday, with students remaining in their 3rd period classes until the lockdown was called off. Marc Bluestone, New Town superintendent, praised both teachers and students for their positive reactions to Thursday’s events. “I think the staff did a wonderful job,” he said. “The students did a wonderful job.”

Initial reports claimed that the suspect in the incident had left Parshall shortly after shooting the victim twice, and had been traveling toward New Town. These reports have yet to be confirmed by TAT Police Department as they have been unable to comment on the ongoing investigation.


Update: Police have issued a flyer featuring the photo and description of the alleged shooter.




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