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NHS Language Meeting

Bernadine Young Bird, FBCC Native American Studies
   Bernadine Young Bird, FBCC Native American Studies
Mandaree Councilman Randy Phelan
Mandaree Councilman Randy Phelan










New Town, ND – Bernadine Young Bird talks to attendants about creating a strategic plan for the organization. The plan includes creating a mission statement,

Identifying the organizations strengths, weaknesses, needs and leadership roles, as well as, monthly and yearly goals. Participants included Valerian Three Irons, Marty Young Bear, Delphine Baker and Councilman Randy Phelan.

Councilman Randy Phelan offered the group insights and pledged his full support “Without knowing who we are we, clearly, we cannot call ourselves a sovereign nation. Language is how the other societies, western and tribal, who we are and if we don’t have that language component we will Lose our self identity. And if we don’t wake up and realize that we are losing our languages, we are going to be extinct.” stated the councilman.

Councilman Phelan also discussed how other tribes that lost their language and that the MHA Nation will be in an emergency situation within the next 20 years.


Tammy Gilstad

Having attended the Language Institute in July, I understand how important the restoration of the Hidatsa language is to the culture. Thank you, Bernadine, for leading this significant endeavor for the MHA people. I have downloaded the apps and plan to return for next year’s Hidatsa language phonology II. As a teacher, I truly believe that all teachers in MHA schools should be required to study one of the three languages.



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