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MHA Nation Tribal Chairman Mark Fox’s statement regarding the oil tax Agreement between the State and the tribe.

The current position of the MHA Nation is to take no formal action at this time concerning the oil and gas tax agreement while negotiations with the Governor’s Office continue. The changes made by the State at the last legislative session did not have approval by the tribal government, and those legislative actions were in contradiction to the terms of the tax agreement which say neither party will adjust, raise or lower the production and extraction taxes on oil and gas activities within the exterior boundaries of the Fort Berthold Reservation during the term of the Agreement.


State tax officials asserting that taxes applicable to oil and gas development on Fort Berthold pursuant to the Agreement must be identical to taxes applied off the reservation is wrong. From 2008-2013, by a previous Agreement, the taxation applied to Fort Berthold activity was in fact different from the policy for oil development OFF the reservation. Our tribal nation’s main focus is to foster continued and responsible development, but also to ensure that tax revenue is adequately sufficient to address the overwhelming and negative impacts presented by oil and gas activity on Fort Berthold.


Shawn McMahan

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