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Phillip Gullickson, former CEO of TAT

CEO resigns position as top administrator for TAT

Editor’s note: Phillip Gullickson sent out this email notice to Three Affiliated Tribes staff on Feb. 20.

Good day all,

I feel it is vitally important to personally send a message to each and everyone of you regarding my situation; this will in effect, stem the tide of pending rumor and/or miscommunication.

Today I am officially announcing that I have tendered my resignation from the position of TAT CEO. In order to fully disclose my rationale, it is important that information come directly from me. My duties as the CEO have been rewarding and I have learned a great deal. It has been an incredible honor and privilege to serve the people of this great and sovereign nation. I don’t always believe that having a position for an extended period of time purely reflects success, meaning I will take from this all of the positives that have presented themselves to me and apply it directly back to my continued path.

When I accepted this position from Chairman Fox I was of course, incredibly honored. I envisioned all of the possibilities of working for this Tribal Business Council in the capacity that a CEO is required to. They are my direct supervisors and I represented their’s, as well as the peoples’ interests and was honored to do so. However in this case, I am also pursuing another advanced set of degrees from a higher education institution. That set of responsibilities, along with the incredible amount associated with the position of CEO has fully allowed me to determine that it is not possible to do both with the effectiveness and the attention each richly deserve. I have determined based on this recognition that focusing on my continued higher education has to be my first priority, because once I have finished I will be that much more prepared to assist and work for this beautiful tribe. In the meantime, I will strive to find positive and meaningful ways to be a productive member of our tribe.

In closing, I would like to say that I share in Chairman Fox’s vision of reform, transparency, and accountability and will continue to advocate in that regard. I am most appreciative to him and our members of the Tribal Business Council who all share in incredible responsibilities to meet the needs of the people. And I am also grateful to those of you I have worked directly with and who have, and continue to support me. I will never forget nor take for granted this wonderful and amazing experience. Spiritual growth is fundamental to who I am, and I have found that this experience has elevated my connective consciousness in such a manner that I am much more aware of who I am, and for that I am grateful.


Phillip J. Gullikson

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