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Mary Baker’s Testimony to Sen. John Hoeven.

Baker’s testimony to Sen. John Hoeven

“I made the wrong decision of going straight to college after high school. I wasn’t ready for all that freedom. So took my time letting myself be young for a while until I take getting an education a little more serious. I came back home to White Shield and enrolled back in college out of boredom.

I was recruited to the North Dakota State School of Science in 2008 after graduating from FBCC; in which attending Fort Berthold Community College helped with this success. After enrolling into the ND State School of Science it was hard to keep up with the tuition so I took out a few loans. Eventually I was full of anxiety of paying it all back.

It was also very discouraging to be in a school where I was one, out of three, natives on campus. I came back to ft. Berthold with an outstanding load on my shoulders. I enrolled myself back in college here at FBCC. Then when I started, I got involved with the American Indians in Science and Engineering Society. (AISES) with that group it helped me kick off having my own catering business because of all the fundraisers we had.

With my own business I was able to pay off my student loans. I believe that a lot of my success is due to pursuing my education. This college that we have serves as a pillar of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. It was amazing to have the opportunity to tell someone in office how important the college is to us as a people.”



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