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FBCC Student Ashly Hall and Kramer’s Asst.

Ashly Hall’s testimony to Sen. Kevin Cramer’s office

“As a Native American student attending college at Fort Berthold Community College I would really like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to attend the meeting and proudly represent my college in addressing the issues of equality and the importance of all Tribal Colleges across our great country.

I don’t want the adversities that surface in my life to get the best of me.  I feel that being active in always persevering to take the next step forward is crucial for not only my own life but to be someone that can help others in a ways that make them want to keep striving for a better future.  Throughout different challenges in my life I am thankful for the people who have helped me.

For that reason it is very important to me to receive my higher education that will get me to what I desire to help Indian Country. Being at a tribal college like FBCC really makes me feel like I am doing something good with myself and I am grateful for the opportunities I have here to learn and grow.

I love the faculty that I am surrounded with because they make me feel they want the best for me in a way that a loving family would. Being involved with the AIHEC 2015 Winter Meeting in Washington DC the whole experience was very rewarding.

From the experience I felt in my heart how important it is to be active in engaging towards the overall success of building the future of our people. It was an honor to be a part of sending the message of our people’s strength and power during the National Tribal College Week out to DC.  I feel here and now more than ever that it is crucial for us to invest in “nurturing” what will help raise our level of power that we possess within each of us.

Our people hold great visions in our hearts and building a foundation that helps us build the fire within us is essential our tribal nations as a whole.  We carry the strength to make great changes for our people but it us up to us to be effective in making the changes that contribute to seizing opportunities for our future. Attending school at Ft. Berthold was one of the best steps I could have taken to ensure a positive direction for my future.

We need to search for the pathways that will propel a movement for our indigenous nations.  Tribal colleges are a huge part of being able to learn and to expand our horizons for the possibilities that lie ahead.



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